Local & Experienced

We are a local, independent and Native American owned Registered Investment Advisor. We are located in the heart of downtown Tulsa and our team has over 100 years combined experience. Using our diverse backgrounds in finance, accounting, law, tax planning, risk and asset management, we are able to provide our clients with excellent financial analysis. More importantly, our team has real-world experience and we continually work to keep ourselves at the top of our industry.

Client Centered

NAFA was established to provide competitive investment management services and financial planning for our clients. We are committed to building generational relationships that are built on trust, integrity and personal service. The idea of relative value and the objective comparison of risk and return guides both our approach to service and our investment decisions. Every situation is unique and we provide customized solutions to help you meet your financial goals. Our sole mission is building and protecting your wealth while delivering a high level of client service – our reputation depends on it.


As a Registered Investment Advisor, we operate with a fiduciary duty. This means that our clients best interests are first and foremost in any decision that we make. We operate as a “fee only” firm – we are compensated solely by our clients (charged on assets under management). We do not make a commission on any product, we do not split fees and there are no hidden costs. We will never recommend a product unless it fits your individual risk tolerance.

Custom Built

We offer a full suite of financial services. We recognize that a successful financial strategy is one that you are comfortable with and fits within your lifestyle. There is no one size fits all model. Every client is unique and every client has different life goals. Consequently, we tailor our advice to fit within your individual time horizon, risk tolerance and return expectations.

Our current brochure, which details all required information and disclosures can be found by clicking here.